It is a pleasure to present to you here some of the works of painter-sculptor Robert Lorrain. Take the time to browse through the images and pages to discover an inspiring universe.


The future being before his future

2,14m x 1,30m
7’2″ x 4’26”


All my works are an offering to Mother.
It is She who opens the door to Harmony.

It is the transformation of our being that is questioned and deepened, including
our thoughts, our bodies, our emotions, our actions and our links with the human collective.

Mother teaches that all progress comes first from an interior attitude, influenced by the true Being, the Psychic, linked to the True, to the Beautiful and to the more than Sensitive.

Each work is an aspiration with its symbols, and this in relation to human gestures, animals, plants …

Mother told us: “Who wants to help? “

L'éminence du choix en haut de l'escalier
Entre deux mondes


The City of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu offers you the installation of some twenty sculptures by Robert Lorrain on each side of the Richelieu River.

The works are exhibited in the Place publique du Vieux-Saint-Jean and in the Parc Elphège-Filiatrault, opposite the Saint-Athanase church in Vieux-Iberville.


About Robert Lorrain

Born in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu on August 6, 1940, Robert Lorrain, painter and sculptor, explores movement and color. A movement with aerial aspirations, transparent colors.

He spent his youth in the city center, a few steps from the public market. It is in this place where the freshness of the day is lived and the pleasure of meeting people that he learns to listen and to look from the inside. Already he is looking for beauty.

Robert Lorrain likes to tell stories. With words and pictures. Marvel at the marvelous. The dream is part of his life. Not just any dream: one inspired by memory and reality. A dream capable of providing the momentum, fervor and conviction necessary for a community, if not for the whole world. The artist wants to convince both with his everyday words and his work.

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